The Two Faces Of Eve

- meaning of Symbolon card and archetype -

conflict of roles, ambivalence of feelings, two souls in one body, the good wife versus the seductive lover
Interpretation of the card:
The card depicts a woman standing in front of a mirror. The mirror symbolizes that she consists of two parts. On the left side of the mirror, she sees herself as a mother, exhibiting her maternal attributes and holding and nursing a child. On the right side of the mirror, she appears as the alluring Aphrodite, who has adorned herself beautifully and is waiting for her lover to arrive, full of admiration and desire for her. The mirror reflects both sides of her as she stands between the two archetypal figures, uncertain which one to choose.

Astrological Sign: Cancer/Taurus ︱ Planet: Moon/Venus
The meaning of the Two Faces of Eve Symbolon card
1) As a single or first card The problem
You are faced with a difficult choice and are struggling to make a decision. Both options would require a sacrifice, and the thought of making such a sacrifice may be overwhelming for you. Your heart is torn between two archetypes: would you rather be a lover or a mother (or for a man: would you rather have a lover or a mother)? However, making a decision will not necessarily solve the problem. The card simply asks you to acknowledge your indecision and nothing more.
​​​​​​​2) As the next cardWay through the problem
 You need to acknowledge the presence of two conflicting and incompatible role personalities within yourself, as both demand recognition. These two personalities compete with each other, each saying "Choose me!" This realization highlights the fact that you can only embody one of these two roles at any given time.
3) as the last card︱​​​​​​​Result
You eventually realize that both roles have a place in your soul and that each has its own time and place in your life. You accept that they do not fit together and acknowledge the distance between them.
Learn to use the Symbolon cards:
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Source: Peter Orban - Thea Weller - Ingrid Zinnel: Symbolon

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