The Two Kings' Children

- meaning of Symbolon card and archetype -

romantic relationship, long distance relationship, lack of connection, illusions, dreaming of the perfect partner
Interpretation of the card:
This card depicts a children's tale, "The Two Kings' Children," who are unable to meet because of a deep gap separating them. The prince and princess can only admire and dream of each other from afar. The soft pastel colors create an ethereal and fantastical image, with a rainbow of great hopes and longings spanning over it.
Astrological Sign: Libra/Pisces ︱ Planet: Venus/Neptune
The meaning of the King's Two Children Symbolon card
1) As a single or first card The problem
You are trapped in the dream of a relationship. Your desires are poisoning your inner self. You are ignoring your loneliness and continuously creating illusions that neither fulfill nor free you. In order to avoid facing your inner emptiness, you are trying to weave someone who is not meant for you into your illusions.
​​​​​​​2) As the next cardWay through the problem
Disappointment awaits you on your journey. Your longing for love and a relationship is currently only an illusion that serves to motivate you and bring about growth. You must let go of this illusion or you will be lost in the labyrinth of your own false hopes.
3) as the last card︱​​​​​​​Result
Now you understand that unfulfilled longing serves a specific purpose. It makes you aware of what you are missing and sets you on a path of discovery. Through this realization, you may come to understand the true meaning of life: that we are all interconnected and that we all yearn for unity.
Learn to use the Symbolon cards:
Unlock the power of self-discovery and understanding with Symbolon cards. This unique card deck not only helps you with self-development, but also provides insight into your astrological makeup. Whether you're looking to gain a deeper understanding of yourself or use the cards for divination, Symbolon cards are a powerful tool for personal growth and self-discovery. 

Source: Peter Orban - Thea Weller - Ingrid Zinnel: Symbolon

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