- meaning of Symbolon card and archetype -

codependent relationship, addiction, sado-masochism, being trapped in a partnership
Interpretation of the card:
A man and a woman stand chained to each other, held captive by the Underworld. Their expressions are sad and hopeless. Their journey through hell is long and dark, plagued by doubts and despair. The demon rising from the hellfire behind them makes it clear that their escape will not be easy. This is a fatal relationship.
Astrological Sign: Libra/Scorpio ︱ Planet: Venus/Pluto
The meaning of the Disaster Symbolon card
1) As a single or first card The problem
Seduced and imprisoned, the image depicts a couple completely committed to each other, whether in reality or in their imagination. They are bound together by a curse, a spell they can't recall that got them into this questionable relationship. To break free, they must confront the demon they once conjured and lift the curse that has taken hold of their relationship. The situation is dire as they must confront and overcome the power of the curse before it destroys them.
​​​​​​​2) As the next cardWay through the problem
You cannot avoid the challenges that come with relationships. You may feel trapped by responsibilities, but these experiences will help you grow and mature. Remember that unrealistic expectations can hinder your ability to create and maintain real, authentic connections with your partner.
3) as the last card︱​​​​​​​Result
A genuine and meaningful connection in a relationship can only be built with a partner who is meant for you. Although the work required to maintain the relationship may be difficult, it will never be as damaging as a relationship built on false expectations. It is important to reflect on the difference between true love and the idea of love, and to recognize that a real relationship is worth the effort.
Learn to use the Symbolon cards:
Unlock the power of self-discovery and understanding with Symbolon cards. This unique card deck not only helps you with self-development, but also provides insight into your astrological makeup. Whether you're looking to gain a deeper understanding of yourself or use the cards for divination, Symbolon cards are a powerful tool for personal growth and self-discovery. 

Source: Peter Orban - Thea Weller - Ingrid Zinnel: Symbolon

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