The Confession

- meaning of Symbolon card and archetype -

confession, the responsibility of the therapist (the priest), a bridge between subjectivity and objectivity
Interpretation of the card:
The two individuals are separated by a boundary line, which separates subjectivity (the priest) and objectivity (the confessor). The priest believes he holds greater prestige, but he is mistaken. Instead of a priest and a sinner, the card could depict a therapist and their patient. As long as the therapist believes they possess the truth, they are similarly ensconced. The patient (the guilty person) was sent to fate only so that the therapist (priest) could gain a new opportunity in life.
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius/Capricorn ︱ Planet: Jupiter/Saturn
The meaning of the Confession Symbolon card
1) As a single or first card The problem
Your soul is weighed down by a sin that you must reveal to the outside world. You should confess. You believe that confessing will cause a significant loss of your self-importance, and you are correct. Others will also realize that you are not as good as you thought you were. This realization causes you to hesitate before confessing and to not submit yourself to the will of fate. This can make you bitter and hardened!
​​​​​​​2) As the next cardWay through the problem
It's not sufficient to only acknowledge mistakes, you must take ownership of them as if they were your own. This is what this path requires. You must account for every instance where you stumbled, where you deviated from your path out of carelessness. By doing so, you risk damaging your reputation.
3) as the last card︱​​​​​​​Result
You now understand where you made a mistake and that it may have occurred so that you can acknowledge it in the future. Every confession diminishes your ego and increases the glory of God. The Muses assist you in appreciating and praising the order of creation, thus providing a rational framework for your subjectivity.
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Source: Peter Orban - Thea Weller - Ingrid Zinnel: Symbolon

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