The Pythia

- meaning of Symbolon card and archetype -

intuition, high priestess, fortune-teller, astrology clairvoyant abilities
Interpretation of the card:
The image depicts the interior of a church. The holy fire and rising vapor, as well as the purple tones, create a mystical atmosphere. Pythia, the oracle priestess of Delphi, is depicted bending over the intoxicating vapors and entering a trance. Her "utterances" are her answers to questions from the believers, and these can only be received on certain days. As she does not speak clearly, a priest must always be present to interpret and convey the messages.
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius/Pisces ︱ Planet: Jupiter/Neptune
The meaning of the Pythia Symbolon card
1) As a single or first card The problem
You are holding on to a specific advice or prediction that you received from someone in the past. Now, you are trapped by it. Your own intuition has become dry because you have directed the flow of your soul into an unfamiliar path. That way, you will never solve the puzzle. Every unknown (seemingly) answer raises new questions for you, which then further confuse you. You are lost in a deceiving world that showcases spiritual abilities, but as you pursue them, you move further away from your own truth.
​​​​​​​2) As the next cardWay through the problem
At some point, you will receive a signal that may seem confusing at first. The deep contemplation you need to solve the puzzle will lead you, almost imperceptibly, to true spiritual awareness. This can be a valuable step for your soul in the future. You will stop searching for solutions to your problems in the external world and instead, learn to trust your intuitions, or your inner priestess.
3) as the last card︱​​​​​​​Result
There is an ancient esoteric warning that reads: "You have asked what it means - but its meaning cannot be told!" It cannot be articulated in words, but you already understand it - through imagery. You will learn to trust your intuition, to rely on it just as you currently rely on your intellect. Intuition is the other, feminine aspect of understanding. We become complete beings only when we have learned to bridge the gap between "wisdom and holiness."
Learn to use the Symbolon cards:
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Source: Peter Orban - Thea Weller - Ingrid Zinnel: Symbolon

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