Symbolon Card Course
One-on-One Online Symbolon Course covering the meanings of cards, astrology, archetypes, and much more...
Symbolon is more than just a divination card deck. It can serve as a valuable advisor and trusted friend during difficult times, or when you feel it's time for a change. The deck can be used both as an oracle, relying on your intuition, and as a unique self-development tool with some basic astrological knowledge. 
If you feel a calling to explore Symbolon deeper, I invite you to join me in a comprehensive 1:1 online course where we will delve into the world of Symbolon.
✅ Astrological Planets, Signs and Houses
✅ 12 Archetypes, their themes and aspects
✅ Detailed explanation of  Major, Middle and Minor Arcana (78 cards)
✅ Meaning of cards in the 3 card spread, positive and negative aspects
✅ The Symbolon horoscope mandala
✅ 8 different card spreads
Do you need this course to start using Symbolon?
Symbolon is not just a divination card - although it can also be used as one - it primarily serves as a self-knowledge tool. However, the 78-card deck can be overwhelming to learn on your own and much of the literature on Symbolon is only available in German. This comprehensive course is designed to make this valuable knowledge accessible to English speakers.
How is the course organised?
✅ One-on-one course
You will have the instructor's full attention and personalized instruction, so you can get the most out of each meeting.
✅ 6x 2 hours online sessions (total of 12 hours)
The course is a 12 hour online program organized into 6 sessions of 2 hours each.
✅ Flexible scheduling
The online sessions will be scheduled at your convenience, whether you prefer to meet once a week or at a different pace, to fit your schedule. We will arrange the next appointment together to accommodate you.
 Symbolon course fee: EUR 490 per person for 12 hours
The course is structured in 6 sessions of 2 hours each, held online.
 The course fee can be paid in two installments, the first at the time of registration and the second at the start of the course. Please note that the course may take up to 3-4 weeks to start, depending on the number of current clients and students.
Send your application for Symbolon Course here:
Thank you!
Why complete the Symbolon Card Course?
✅ After completing the course, you will be able to use the Symbolon deck to address challenges in your life and find effective solutions to your problems. 
⚠️Please be aware that the cards are brutally honest and accurately reveal the root causes of your problems and provide solutions. It is best to use the deck if you are ready to confront the hidden archetypes within yourself. 
✅ Once you have learned to use the Symbolon card deck, you will also be able to assist others. It can be a valuable tool for professionals in helping fields. 
✅ Upon completion, you will become a certified Symbolon Facilitator, and receive a course certificate from

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