Online Symbolon consultations to help you solve the riddles of life.
If you feel lost, in need of change, or uncertain about your next steps, an online Symbolon consultation may be beneficial for you. With the help of the Symbolon cards, our trusted friend, we will work together to find the best solution that aligns with your personality and needs.
 First consultation fee (approximately 2 hours): 
$ 120 per person
Fee for additional appointments: $ 100 per session.
During the course of our lives, we can get stuck and have difficulty seeing the next steps to take. Sometimes we are faced with important decisions that can feel overwhelming. In these situations, the Symbolon deck can help us.
It is important to note that these difficulties in life do not mean that the current problem has defeated us or that life has failed us. On the contrary, these situations are here to teach us that it may be time for deeper self-discovery to better manage our lives and make the change we've been considering.
The consultation can help you see the possible paths in life, but it is ultimately your decision on what steps to take and how to take control of your destiny. Symbolon is here to assist you in starting that journey.
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